How to Determine the Perfect Engagement Or Wedding Ring Size?

Wedding and engagement rings have long been exchanged as symbols of love, honor and devotion. The circular ring has neither a start nor finish, which is emblematic of an everlasting union, and the custom of wearing it on the left hand is said to stem from the ancient Egyptians' belief that the fourth finger's vein connects directly to the heart. With such rich meaning and symbolism, wedding and engagement rings are designed to last a lifetime—so it makes sense that the ring size needs to be spot on.

 Here, our extensive guide on how to determine the perfect ring size for your engagement or wedding ring. Because ring sizing should never be a guessing game.

一、Ring Sizing Basics

Determining band fit can actually be one of the most complicated parts of the engagement ring process because several different components impact measurement and sizing.

1、Environment and Activity

Fine Jewelry and Diamonds, temperature, diet, pregnancy, and other biological elements can impact your fingers. "Don't be afraid if your finger changes size; that means you're alive," says Lanore. "It can change from activity, season, and so many personal factors. There's not really a formula to pick the correct ring size across the board because everyone is so different and it depends on their lifestyles."

2、Finger Shape

Yes, there are different kinds of fingers, and they can impact ring size and fit. If you have a tapered ring finger, it widens downward toward the base, which is where your ring will fit the tightest. Rings can easily fall off tapered fingers if they slide up, so it's incredibly important to have a snug fit. On the other hand are knotted fingers where the knuckle in the middle of the finger is the widest part, which the ring has to fit over. However, the ring might move around and fit too loosely at the base of your finger. In this case, consider getting sizing beads added to your sparkler. These small add-ons stay on the bottom of the inner ring close to your hand and act like pressure points to keep the ring in place. They're incredibly easy to put on and remove.

3、Band Width

Rings with thinner bands tend to run a bit larger, whereas thicker rings have a more snug fit. The more metal around your finger, the more space it takes up and the tighter it fits. "A thin size 6 ring will not fit the same as a thick size 6 ring," says Borochov. If you have your heart set on a thin, delicate band (super trendy right now), then opt for a slightly smaller ring size (pro tip: thinner bands make the center stone stand out more).

4、International Ring Sizing

In the United States and Canada, ring sizes range from 3 to 13, which includes half and quarter sizes. The sizes are measured in inches or millimeters based on the ring's diameter or circumference. The diameter measures the inside length of the ring, whereas circumference measures the length of the entire band. International ring sizing involves the same measurement process, but the numbered sizes run on different scales, which vary by country. Australia and the United Kingdom actually use an alphabetical letter sizing system.

二、How to Measure Yourself

If you want to take matters into your own hands (er, fingers), you can use a few different measurement methods with our printable size guide, which features both diameter and circumference for each ring size.

1、Plastic Belt Ring Sizer Technique

The very best way to measure your ring size at home is with a plastic belt ring sizer. You can order these from a variety of different online retailers for only a few dollars, and most include sizing for full, half, and quarter ring sizes. They're affordable and incredibly accurate.

2、Printable Ring Sizer Technique

Print and cut out the ring sizer at the bottom of the size guide. Make sure that the guide is printed to scale by measuring the above diameters against a ruler for accuracy. Cut the slot marked at the end of the sizer, wrap it around the base of your left ring finger, and slide the pointed end through the cut. Gently pull until it fits securely. Check the number displayed on the sizer for your ring size.

3、Have a Pro Measure Your Ring Size

Head to your local jeweler and try on some rings. While you’re there, have them measure your ring size. Seems simple, right? Well, yes and no. While professional sizing is the most accurate way to get it right the first time, there are factors to consider. If you head to the jeweler after a salty lunch, keep in mind that your finger might be a little swollen. Cold day? Your fingers might have shrunk!

4、Sizing for The Jewelry Lover

If you love rings as much as we do, you likely own some already. But, you may not know what size they are. Fear not! Below you’ll find a printable, life-size ring chart that you can print out and use to measure your ring size. Select a ring from your collection that fits comfortably, and line it up with its matching circle on the chart. Voila! You’re done.

5、DIY Ring Sizer

If you’re like most of us, you floss. Tying a piece of floss or string around your finger is a fairly easy way to figure out your ring size.

What you’ll need: a piece of dental floss or string, a ruler (preferably with centimeters on it), and a fine point marker or felt tip pen. The finer tipped the better.

How to do it

First, wrap the string around your ring finger, and tighten until it fits comfortably. Get out your marker and draw a dot where the string overlaps. Line the piece of string up against the ruler and measure the length in millimeters. If your ruler doesn’t have millimeters here’s an online measurement converter use can use to convert from inches.

But If you used a stretchy string or floss brand, make sure you don’t tighten the knot too much when measuring your finger. Pulling the string too tight can mislead you to think that your ring size is smaller than it is.This method is OK as a starting point, but not recommended for an accurate way to measure your ring size.

三、How to Measure Ring Size Without Your Partner Knowing

Wondering how to measure ring size without your partner knowing? Don't worry! You don't have to ruin a surprise proposal by asking your partner their ring size. Find an insider source who might have the scoop on what ring size they wear. A parent, best friend or sibling may know, or they may be able to work their magic to find out their ring size without them suspecting a thing.

"Also pay attention to the jewelry they're already wearing," Duke says. "Do they have a ring that fits on their left ring finger or even the middle finger? If so, wait for them to remove it and secretly take it to a jeweler to be sized. If they only take it off to work out or shower and you have limited access to the ring, buy a bar of soap and press the ring in to make a mold. Your jeweler should be able to use the markings to identify the correct ring size."

If your partner literally only takes off their rings to lotion their hands for five seconds, slip the ring on your finger and note exactly where it fits on your finger. Using the various ring size charts and sizers, you or a jeweler should be able to replicate the fit. If all else fails, go for a larger ring size; it's easier to resize a ring smaller than it is to go bigger.

四、Some other tips on getting the best size ring for your finger:


1、Your finger shape can determine the size you want also. Some fingers are largest near your palm and gradually taper without a large knuckle.

In this case the ring should fit snugly at the base of the finger without causing bulges or a permanent indentation. You should be able to push the ring up from the underside of your finger, and see a small space between the ring and the top of the finger as this gives your finger some breathing room.

2、The ring size that is comfortable on your finger can vary depending on the width of the ring. It would be best to try on rings in the width of the ring you want to buy to get the most accurate measurement. A wider ring may need to be up to a half or full size larger than a very narrow ring to feel comfortable on your finger.